Year 4 Public Speaking Competition

Thursday, 16 Sep 2021

This term, Year 4 have been researching the Olympic Games. The students chose a focus topic and found interesting facts to share with their class members. After learning how to create an engaging information report, we started to turn our facts into an informative speech. 

Then COVID locked us down. But not even a pandemic can slow Year 4 down. We practised the delivery of our speeches at home with the help of some excellent family members who became the audience. Each class member presented their speech online in Zoom meetings. From this, the teachers were able to decide on 6 finalists from the whole grade. 

We were delighted to have this week back at school so the finalists could share their excellent public speaking skills with everyone. A huge thanks to Mr Smith and Mrs Caesar who acted as our adjudicators for the afternoon. We heard about a range of topics including the history of the Olympic Games, the traditions and symbols of the games and sports such as Water Polo and Archery. The teachers were very impressed with the way the Year 4 students overcame nerves and presented engaging, informative speeches and all six final speeches were of a very high standard. A huge congratulations go to our eventual winner of the Year 4 Public Speaking Competition 2021, Sophia Walraven from 4F.

Mr Freeman, Mrs Rodger and Mrs Booth

Our 6 finalists for 2021 (Left to Right) Sierra Cooke, Isla Hart, Sophia Walraven, Finn Marchant, Phoebe Tobin, Wren Lewis
Mr Smith congratulating Sophia Walraven our winner of the Year 4 Public Speaking Competition 2021