BDC Alumni Oliver Gee and 'The Earful Tower'

Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

Oliver Gee was dux and captain of the Primary school and left after Year 7 in 1999. He left Coffs Harbour for Perth, but ended up in Paris! Nowadays he runs an award-winning podcast called The Earful Tower. He has just published his memoir called Paris On Air - a laugh-out-loud account of that five-year transformational period, which he, unlike Hemingway, has considerately published while still alive. It is available as an audiobook, e- book or paperback.

He tells of how five years in France have taught him how to order cheese, make a Parisian person smile, and convince anyone you can fake French (even if, like Oliver, you speak the language like an Australian cow).

You can find out more about Oliver and his podcast here:

The book, which was published in April 2020, has proved a hit in Paris, selling out four times over at the famed Shakespeare and Company bookshop. He’s currently touring the world (virtually, of course, during the lockdown) talking about Paris, books, and life in Montmartre. 

Caroline de Maigret, supermodel and author of ‘How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are’ says, “Oliver Gee has the talent of finding love and humour in Paris’s smallest details. He definitely is one of our greatest Parisian voices.” 

David Lebovitz, author of My Paris Kitchen and Drinking French, says “Oliver Gee is very engaging, and presents a different side of Paris, from his personal perspective, with panache, and wit.”

Get a copy of Oliver's book here: