Sport Update 2021 Term 4 Week 4

Friday, 29 Oct 2021

If there is a chance NCIS, NSWCIS and All schools/NSWPSSA sport pathways will be played in Term 4 I will put a notification in Schoolbox. 

Water Safety Programs

Year 2 started their swimming program last week, we had 58 very excited students in the water…….until, the storm hit! We had all students safely out of the water and on the bus before the rain started.  These students and the staff (Mrs Campbell, Mrs Maker, Mrs Jeffs, Mr Gillon and Mrs Watson) plus the bus driver, did an amazing job to ensure all the students were safe. The students all deserve a huge pat of the back for the way they took the bus ride back to school in their stride, all reports to me said they were amazing!

Year 4 start their program this week.

Outside of BDC Sport Achievements

Congratulations to Year 3 student Gretel Carpenter who was recently awarded the 2021 Kanella Physie Club Junior Champion.

Please email a short report and photos to with any outside of BDC sporting achievements for inclusion in the newsletter.

Upcoming Events 
Year 2 Swimming
Wednesday 20 Oct - Wednesday 10 November
Year 4 Swimming
Friday 29 October - 19 November (excluding 12 November)
Year 6 Proficiency Swim
Friday 12 November - Sawtell Pool
Year 6 Surf Safety
Monday 15 & Thursday 18 November - Sawtell Beach
Junior Primary Swimming Carnival
Wednesday 17 November (9.00am - 12.00pm) - Sawtell Pool
Outdoor Education 
2021 Camp Dates 
Year 3 Camp
Monday 29 November - Yarahapinni
Year 11 Camp
Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 November
Year 9 Camp
Pindari Adventures - postponed until February 2022
Year 6 RoP Camp
Wednesday 3 November
Year 2 Camp
Friday 20 October - BDC
2022 Camp Dates 
Year 7 Camp
Monday 14 - Thursday 17 February - Tea Gardens
Year 9 Camp (2021)
Monday 21 - Thursday 24 February - Pindari Adventures

Beth Hilton 
Sport and Outdoor Education Coordinator K-12
0417859252 or 66515644 ext 295.