Our School's Namesake: ​Right Reverend Cecil Henry Druitt, Master of Arts, Doctor of Divinity

Wednesday, 29 Jul 2020


Cecil Henry Druitt was born on 16 August 1875 in Stockbridge, Hampshire, the son of Rector, Rev. William Druitt. He gained a Master of Arts in 1901 and studied for the ministry at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, gaining a Bachelor fo Divinity in 1908 and was awarded a Doctor of Divinity in 1911. Rev Druitt ordained priest on 21 December 1899 for the Diocese of Exeter, UK

In 1911 he was appointed as Coadjutor Grafton and Armidale 1911-1914.  In announcing his appointment, Bishop Cooper said, “he is said to be decidedly a ‘live’ man, a good organiser, genuine, very active, and cheery, tactful, with good gifts as a speaker and preacher, in presence pleasant and bright, and well fitted by temperament for the give and take of Australian life.” Bishop Druitt was elected to be the first Bishop of Grafton at a Synod held in February 1914.  He was enthroned in the Cathedral at Grafton on 26 March 1914. Of his several publications, The Obligation of Prayer, is held in our archives.

There was a large number of men working on railway construction that had to be cared for and Bishop Druitt instigated a Railway Mission, a travelling worship and community group which moved with the work gangs. Bishop Druitt was anxious to care for the growing rural population, especially in remote areas  which could not support a resident ministry.  In 1915 the Bush Brotherhood of Our Saviour was established with a large Brotherhood Headquarters at Kyogle.  

The constant strain took its toll on its health.  He developed late onset diabetes.  He had to take six month’s leave in late 1916 and never fully regained his strength, despite a rigorous medical regime. Sadly, a method of supplying insulin was not discovered till a year after his death. Bishop Druitt died in his home at Grafton on 28 July 1921.  He was buried the next day in the Cathedral grounds behind the High Altar. In November 1991, the Interim College Council decided upon the name of the school to be Bishop Druitt College.