Principal Wednesday, 04 Mar 2020

​A new multi-school group partnership...

Exciting news is occurring in the Anglican education sector in our region with Bishop Druitt...

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Principal Thursday, 03 Oct 2019

The BDC Climate Change Position

There has been much written about climate change in the media in recent days and...

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Principal Tuesday, 11 Jun 2019

Talent Incubators

Innovation in schooling is occurring at an exciting pace. In my school alone, we have...

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Principal Thursday, 23 May 2019

World Prepared Graduates

I am writing this month’s article in the middle of NAPLAN week. As you would...

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Principal Tuesday, 09 Apr 2019

Student Wellbeing: What is the...

What is the issue? The statistics are shocking. Rosie Clarke, the editor of School News...

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Principal Thursday, 21 Mar 2019

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning in its tightest definition is “learning by doing”. The student is, therefore, actively...

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Principal Wednesday, 06 Mar 2019

BDC Stewardship – Lighting the Way

Anglican stewardship is a theological concept that embodies the ethical planning and management of resources...

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Principal Monday, 11 Feb 2019

Play Based Learning

Children are, by nature, born curious. They interact and discover the wonder around them. This...

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Principal Tuesday, 15 Jan 2019

Shining Light

Leadership in the field of education can be a minefield. Everyone went to school so...

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