Primary News 2021 Term 4 Week 4

Friday, 29 Oct 2021

This week will be Mrs Maker’s last week with us at BDC for the year.  Mrs Maker is off again to have baby number two.  I would like to thank Mrs Maker for all of her hard work this year and hope she has some time to rest.  Mrs Maker, from everyone at BDC, we wish you and your families all the best.  Please don’t forget to share some photos with us before the end of the year.  

Mrs Jeffs will be taking over 2M for the remainder of the year.  Mrs Jeffs has already spent some time in 2M working with the students.  I know 2M will do Mrs Maker proud whilst she is away. 

After a week of wild weather, I was able to get outside this week and share in all of the fun that our students have been having with their work.  Year 3 chose a marvellous opportunity to work on their art units of work, centred around photography.  Students looked at the rule of three when preparing to take their pictures.  After some consultation, it was decided their photos were much better than mine.  

As the term progresses, we are beginning to see the culmination of projects.  This week we saw our MTB STEM group ride the track at Margaret’s Field.  This was an exciting time where our students got to test the gaps they had built and how we could refine each section before handing it over to the next group in 2022.  It will be great to see what additions next year’s cohort can make to our established track.  

Richard Smith 
Assistant Principal (Head of Primary)