Our region's top-performing students awarded scholarships at BDC

Tuesday, 09 Jun 2020

Thirty students on the Coffs Coast have been awarded scholarships to Bishop Druitt College for 2021. BDC recognises and rewards high achievers and individuals who make a difference in the community.

The BDC scholarship program unashamedly shines a light on these wonderful young students and acknowledges all their hard work.’ Nick Johnstone, Bishop Druitt College Principal. 

Scholarships were awarded in the areas of:

  • Academic scholarships 
  • The Branson-Ackland scholarship for the study of Language Arts and Humanities 
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander scholarships
  • All-Rounder scholarships
  • Performing Arts scholarships - Music
  • Performing Arts scholarships - Drama
  • Visual Arts scholarships
  • Textiles & Design scholarships
  • Sporting performance scholarships
  • STEM scholarships

To gain a scholarship at BDC students need to excel in a number of different areas, such as sport, music, drama, visual arts, textiles and design, academics and STEM. Congratulations to the following Bishop Druitt College 2021 Scholarship recipients:

Academic Winners:
Charlotte Ricketts (BDC), Amy Woodhouse (BDC), Fynn Buttery (BDC), Ezequiel Mattarollo (BDC), Ruby Scott (BDC), plus another recipient from SJPC.

All-Rounder Winners:
Rosie Smart (CHCCS), Kaleah Doherty (BDC), Lachlan Burnett (BDC), Taj Butcher (St Augustines), Finn Toovey-Powditch (St Francis Xavier)

ATSI Winners:
Gretel Carpenter (St Augustines), Delilah Morris (Preschool), Elarna Duckett (Tyalla Public), Joshua Boyle (BDC), Koda Carey (Preschool)

Branson Ackland Winner:
Shivanshu Garg (BDC)

Performing Arts - Drama Winners:
Katherine Clerkin (BDC), Lauren Blair (Northmead Public)

Performing Arts - Music Winners:
Imogen Daymond (BDC), Joshua Walraven (BDC), Olivia Hoare (BDC), Safia Hughes Chivers (BDC)

Sporting Performance Winners:
Ellie Spain (BDC), Indigo Harris (BDC), Aria Matthews (BDC), Kden Carter (Boambee Public), Annalise Crawley (Korora Public)

Creative Arts - Textiles and Design Winner:
Ellyse Walker (BDC)

Creative Arts - Visual Arts Winner:
Brooke Parker (BDC)

There are 30 scholarship winners in total for 2021 with 10 students being new additions to the BDC community. 

The selection included a rigorous application process with endorsements from public referees, selected staff and Heads of Schools.

The family are on cloud nine with this news’ said one of BDC’s scholarship recipient parents. 

My son was wrapped after learning the news. Our family is so grateful to BDC for this opportunity’ said another of BDC’s scholarship recipient parents. 

Online applications for 2022 Academic scholarships open September 3, 2020. All other scholarship applications will open early Term 1, 2021. 

Information will be available via https://www.bdc.nsw.edu.au/join-our-school/scholarships

Congratulations to all 2021 scholarship winners. 

Back Row: Amy Woodhouse, Joshua Walraven, Ellyse Walker, Kaleah Doherty, Ellie Spain, Imogen Daymond, Rosie Smart, Annalise Crawley, Charlotte Ricketts, Brooke Parker, Ezequiel Mattarollo, Fynn Buttery.

Middle Row: Olivia Hoare, Finn Toovey-Powditch, Indigo Harris, Gretel Carpenter, Taj Butcher, Kden Carter, Joshua Boyle, Lachlan Burnett, Aria Matthews, Shivanshu Garg, Katherine Clerkin, Ruby Scott.

Front Row: Koda Carey

Absent: Delilah Morris, Elarna Duckett, Safia Hughes Chivers, Lauren Blair and an All-Rounder Scholarship recipient from St John Paul College.