Northern Beaches Bus Applications 2022

Thursday, 11 Nov 2021

PLEASE NOTE: Applications for the Northern Beaches Buses in 2022 are now closed. 

The BDC Northern Beaches Bus was originally created for our younger students, especially Years K-3, to save them having to navigate the Korora Interchange.

We do welcome all students from the Northern Beaches to apply however priority will be given to Stages 1&2 students and their siblings, followed by older primary and secondary. Students with specific considerations will also be prioritised.

If your child travelled on the buses this year you will need to reapply online for 2022.

If you are reapplying or joining our BDC community in 2022 applications can be found on our BDC website under Northern Beaches Buses.

Fill in the application form according to your address choosing either Bus 1 or 2. There are pickup times and routes on the site to help you.

Once you have submitted your form you will receive a confirmation email from BDC Reception asking you to call the school to make the payment which is still $20 per student for the full year. We accept credit cards over the phone or after you receive your confirmation email you may send cash via your child to reception for payment. You can also request a receipt of payment.

Students who use BDC Bus#2 for travel to Bray St. Sportz Central or PCYC are also required to fill out an application and will only be approved to travel when the $20 fee is paid. 

Please note that an online application without secured payment does not ensure your child’s place on the buses and once they are filled your application will go on the waiting list.

Newcombes Coaches will issue your child with a Tap on/Tap off Olly card, which is microchipped. These cannot have holes punched in them so please be aware that any damaged or lost cards will incur a $10 replacement fee paid to Newcombes.

Reception will be closing on Wednesday 15th December and will reopen Monday 17th January 2022. All applications received during this time will be processed when the office reopens.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications for the Northern Beaches Buses in 2022 are now closed. 

For all information and questions please feel free to call Reception on 66515644.