Model United Nations - Round Square Event - by Mikal Tesfamariam

Tuesday, 17 Aug 2021

Earlier this term, I participated in a Model United Nations conference (MUN), an activity in which you roleplay delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. My MUN experience was hosted by a Round Square school in India where I represented the State of Qatar in the Environment Committee and discussed policies surrounding the Paris Climate Accord.

For me, MUN was a very intense and demanding learning experience. I had to learn the rules of procedure in the United Nations and how to be a diplomat, I had to do extensive research on the nation I represented and how to defend its stance on the given issue. Coupled with the difference in time zones creating an unusual schedule for me in Australia, my MUN experience not only fulfilled my interests in diplomacy, delegation and International Relations but was sometimes exhausting.

Throughout the two-day event, I made like-minded friends from all over the world and got an insight into their cultures. I still keep in touch with many of them and am grateful to have developed an international network of friends and partners with whom I can collaborate. I received a special mention from the host school and was awarded for my skills in research, public speaking, diplomacy and understanding of foreign policy. 

This opportunity was provided freely to me as a student of a Round Square school, and the cultural exchanges, global connections and international discussions that encompassed my MUN experience are in keeping with our Round Square ideals of Internationalism and Leadership at Bishop Druitt College. 

As BDC’s Academic Captain for the following year, I intend to to develop programmes for our students that offer a profound and unique experience like this conference did for me, as well as encourage students to participate in already established activities like Model United Nations for the intellectual benefits and opportunities to connect with our fellow Round Square students that such experiences provide. 

I hope to convey these compelling opportunities to students at BDC and create a community at our school that explores international and intercultural influence, challenges preconceptions, promotes intellectual inquisitiveness and celebrates global diversity, which will grow our understanding, appreciation, and respect for each other and the many ways we are connected.