Library hosts FUSE Cup Rocket League competition

Thursday, 11 Nov 2021

BDC battled it out in Rocket League (soccer with miniature cars) for the Fuse Cup on the Nintendo Switch. In total 5 schools and more 15 teams were joined in digital round ball combat. The team consisted of 4 primary students and 4 from secondary. 

The pace of the game is fast, and the action furious. Cars bounce, race, leap and even explode! The students played in teams of two against the other schools. 

The Fuse Cup is normally competed in person, hosted by one of the participating schools, but with COVID restrictions in place, it has moved online. 

About the FUSE Cup: 

Our chosen games are age appropriate and do not include any violent content whatsoever. These games are carefully selected to ensure they align with our values and those of many educational institutions.

Our international competition is delivered via Nintendo Switch consoles as they are easy to set up, require very little technical experience/knowledge, offer schools maximum value for investment and allow 4 players to play at once.

We run three aged competitions at the same time. A Year 5&6, Year 7&8 and a Year 9&10 competition. Schools may elect to register as many teams as they wish into any of our competitions.

Australia is divided up into regions within each state in which schools compete in a face to face battle against other neighbouring schools. These events are run each term to determine the regional finalists who then compete at a State Championship event.

The winners of each State Final then compete at an Australian Final, subject to travel restrictions.

Our schools in Asia and regional Australia compete in our online competitions.