2021 Term 4 - Key events to the end of the year

Wednesday, 24 Nov 2021
Week 8
HSC Continues, CPR ToP Team Blue
Year 10 Virtual Work ExperienceYear 9 Pastoral and Leadership Days
Year 9 Lead Assembly and Rite of Passage
Week 9
HSC Continues, CPR ToP Team Red
Year 8 Pastoral day and Thursday is Primary Presentation, Year 6 Dinner
Thursday Period 5 Awardee’s practice BC Year 7 to 11.
Friday Secondary Presentation - Normal school uniform only. Yr 7-8 Period 1-2 BC with Tutor Teachers, Yr 9-10-11 with Tutor Teachers Period 3-4. Period 5 is normal classes.
Friday Christmas Service Period 5-6 primary BC
Friday Period 6 Yr 7-10 locker clean out with Year Coordinator and Tutor teachers. Yr11 in classes. Return resources 7 to 11.
Friday is the Class of 2021 Valedictory Dinner -Pacific Bay
Week 10
Monday -normal periods 1-2. Sport 7-8, EYE Festival commences.
Monday Christmas Service Period 3-4. Years 7-11 Greenroom (if weather permits) OR 7-8 Period 3, 9-10-11 Period 4.
Monday normal classes P5.
Monday Period 6: Year Meetings Period 6 Yr7 BC, Yr8 Dance Studio, Yr9 CL5, Yr10 C2 and Year 11 Snr Common Room.
Monday Last Day Year 10.
Tuesday -College Picnic. Meet in the Greenroom for roll call.
Wednesday/Thursday -KLA Enrichment/Challenge activities. Last school day is Thursday. Meet in the Greenroom after roll call.
Return 2022 -Friday 28th January is Year 7, 12. Monday 31st January -all return.