Important information for Parent Pickup

Friday, 04 Feb 2022

As we are all aware, car parks can be dangerous places for anyone.  Much like sporting events or concerts, schools face the uphill battle of releasing their entire population in a short period of time.  This causes congestion and has the potential for accidents.

Below you will find a few hacks to not only help keep everyone safe, but support a smooth process for all.

Staggered Pick Up

To help our younger students navigate the long trip down to Parent Pick Up, we release students at various times.  

Kindergarten and ELC - 2.50pm

Year 1 and Year 2 - 3.00pm

Years 3-6 - 3.05pm

Years 7-12 3.05pm

Students will be released at these times and make their way down to Parent Pick Up for collection.  If your oldest child is in Years 3-12, they will not be released from class until 3.05pm and most likely not get down to Parent Pick Up until 3.10pm.  Please adjust your trip to school to reflect your child’s current year level.

Visor Strips

Your child would have brought home a coloured piece of paper with their surname on it either at the Orientation Day last year or at the beginning of this year.  This is what we call a visor strip at BDC, and is used to let staff know which family to call over the microphone.  To support a smooth collection process, please have this visor strip clearly visible in your car, either attached to the visor or on the dashboard of the car.  If you do not have one, please contact our Admin team or you can make your own on any coloured piece of paper.

Enter From The Left and No Boot Access

All students who attend Parent Pick Up have been instructed to remain on the curb and only enter cars from the left hand side of the car.  Parents are asked not to leave the car and to clear the space for students to enter the car from the left hand side.  If you have an infant’s car seat that can only be fitted on the left hand side of your car, please park in the centre area of our car park and you will be able to meet your child at the top of the crossing.  For safety reasons, students are also instructed not to move to the rear of the car to access the boot.  Bags should be brought into the car.  If you do require boot access for your child, please park in the centre car parks.  

Later this term you will see signs reminding you of Parent Pick Up procedures.  If you have any questions regarding this, please see your child’s classroom teacher.