How BDC awards are sustainable

Monday, 14 Feb 2022

Every year BDC recognises outstanding achievements through the presentation of awards. This year BDC is embarking on a journey to transition from traditional to sustainable awards, produced at BDC.

WHY? Underpinned by the Round Square Philosophy of Environmentalism - Caring for the Environment in a practical way.

We want to produce less landfill, make something beautiful to recognise student efforts and set an example of how each small action makes a difference. 

Our new recognition medals are sustainable, and made on campus, from: 

Wood - Plywood is used for the medallion. 

Wood is a sustainable resource. It is durable but will return to the earth at the end of its life. 

There is less embodied energy needed in a circle of wood than in a metal medallion where the ore needs to be dug from the ground, refined, smelted, cast and transported across the globe. 

Each award is individual as it is made from natural materials and there will be bespoke variations.

Cotton Yarn for the lanyard - 

  • cotton is a natural fibre 
  • soft to wear 
  • Durable yet will break down and not add to landfill. Traditional lanyards are made from synthetic materials that are sourced from fossil fuels and at the end of the product's life do not break down. Synthetics remain as a plastic pollutant in our environment.

Beeswax sealant - The wooden medallions are sealed using a mixture of local beeswax and coconut oil.  Take a moment to breathe in the scent of the medallions; wood and honey.

Designs - working in collaboration with art students, designs are being created at BDC.

The engraving of BDC Sustainable Awards is 

  • done at school, (Local work with no transport kilometres required. 
  • Using the BDC lasercutter in the TAS department 
  • powered by the BDC solar panels