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Wednesday, 01 Sep 2021

The doors may be closed to the Garra-Garraji Dance Studio (for now) but our dancers continue to make, appreciate and perform dance at home. 

As they do, let's take the time to reflect on the value of dance in our community and all it has to offer our students at BDC. The opportunities to participate in dance education continue to grow at BDC with the addition of our new specialist space. Dance is for everybody and dance education holds a valuable place in our curriculum. So what is dance education and why is it a valuable part of the curriculum? 

When we use the term 'dance education' we are looking at the study of dance as an art form. 

The NSW dance curriculum states that: “The study of dance as an art form acknowledges the interrelationship between the practical and theoretical aspects of dance — the making and performing of the movement and the appreciation of its meaning. It is an exciting medium for learning that fosters students’ intellectual, social and moral development.”

Dance in the educational context is based on three interrelated components: performing dance, making dance and appreciating dance. Currently BDC students are able to study these components in Dance from K-12. With all K-4 students participating in Curriculum Dance and it being an elective choice from Years 5-12. 

Students participation in dance in the school environment is of special educational value to the students’ total development, one that develops communication abilities, problem- solving techniques, and creative and critical thinking skills along with kinaesthetic abilities. 

At its core, the goal of dance education is to engage students in artistic experiences through the processes of creation, performance and response. As a result it offers students new ways of learning and can be utilised not as a goal in itself but as a tool in education for learning concepts, linking movement activities to academic themes and of course the development of young people’s deep-rooted bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence.

The current COVID-19 pandemic is enough to daunt even the strongest, but dance with its unique power that can serve as a useful vehicle of hope and positivity. Soon students will be able to dance together in the studio at school. But for now we hope that you enjoy these photos and videos of our students dancing at home. 

Hannah Johnson
Dance Teacher

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Online dance education at BDC 

Students featured include: 

Photo gallery: Lucinda Wood, Tabitha Follett, Olivia O'Reilly, Lily Hibbard, Isabelle Brandy, Zoe Cooke, Mackenzie Davidson-Hill, Jonah Donald

Videos: Katie Hodges