Scott Rodham - Celebrating 25 years of service

Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

Bishop Druitt College honours and celebrates Mr Scott Rodham for his 25 years in service of the college. 

'Mr Rodham has been an integral member of the college staff and community over the years and has shown great skill and loyalty not only to BDC but the education sector as a whole.' Nick Johnstone Principal. 

Mr Rodham went for his first interview for the college in August 1994 and at the time the secondary school didn't have a roof. In his second interview in October that same year, the Principal offered Mr Rodham the Secondary Coordinator role to work with the team and set up the high school with a budget of $60,000. 

With no time wasted, he got to work and the high school was ready for classes on the 1st of February 1995, only three months later. 

By the time February rolled around BDC secondary had two Year 7 classes of 20 students each, one Year 8 class of 20 students and four full-time teachers. 

Mr Rodham taught Mathematics for about 17 years at the college full time and then started his transition to retirement in 2012 and is currently working as the Alumni Officer and Archivist. 

‘I feel as though my job is worthwhile and that I belong here. In my job as archivist I am able to recall pieces of history and past names of students and staff. I have the time and am able to update student profiles so that when Year 12 tutors write a student reference, 6 years of their achievements are recorded’. Scott Rodham Archivist. 

In 2019 Mr Rodham and a working group of BDC staff members wrote the new Bishop Druitt College hymn. 

Lord we thank you for your blessings

And for guidance on the way.

For the vision of our founders

On Gumbaynggirr land we pray.

Joined here at Bishop Druitt College

Learning and growing every day.

“Faithfulness in Service” stirs us

To reach out with love and care,

Learning to respect each other;

These are values that we share.

Strength in diversity enriches,

Harmony is our heartfelt prayer.

When our days of school are ending

Give us strength to persevere.

Build integrity within us,

Tempted not by doubt or fear.

Give us grace to go with courage

And your peace to draw us near.

Mr Rodham also inspired, in 2019, the new BDC Alumni logo below. 

Bishop Druitt College acknowledges and gives thanks to Mr Rodham for his commitment, professionalism, experience and dedication to BDC as we celebrate his 25-year work anniversary.