Careers update - Resume workshops, Career Department and Regional Youth Taskforce

Thursday, 11 Nov 2021
Year 9 Resume workshops 

Year 9  were really engaged in the resume workshops I did with them in their tutor groups recently.   While many of this cohort already have jobs and/or resumes, they learned about the importance of an eye-catching format, customising their resume for each purpose with a clear objective or personal statement and including a customised cover letter when applying for jobs.  

Students were encouraged not to be afraid to have some fun with the cover letter - a cover letter is their chance to show the employer something of their personality - something you cannot see in a resume. 

I am looking forward to continuing to work with this wonderful group of students in coming years.  

Year 10 Careers Department 

Year 10 registered this week on a fabulous platform that we subscribe to just for seniors -  The Careers Department  This platform and  other career tools will be used by our students over the coming years to explore different industries, get the facts from real people about a variety of courses or jobs they may be interested in.  Year 10  will also be using this website to undertake a virtual work experience project in week 8, as we are unable to allow face to face work experience this year.  The choice of projects the students can choose from is amazing!  There are Landscape Design, Interior Design where they will be given access to drawing tools and given a budget to design spaces, just to name a few.  All of the projects are based on real life scenarios and require the students to undertake some research,  complete a professional presentation and upload to the website.  The Careers Department will issue students with a certificate they can add to their portfolio, and give them industry feedback on their project.   

Regional Youth Taskforce - call for nominations 

Your child could make a difference to regional communities by applying for the 2022 Regional Youth Taskforce. 

Applications are open now and close at midnight Sunday 21 November 2021 and young people aged 12-24 from regional areas are eligible to apply. Find out more here 

Gina Driscoll 
Career Pathways Coach