BDC seeking new Northern Beaches campus site to meet growing local education demands

Wednesday, 04 Aug 2021
Pictured: Woolgoolga Beach Reserve. (Source: Coffs Harbour City Council)

After a recent recommendation to withdraw a development application by the Coffs Harbour City Council regarding the construction of a new primary school for Woolgoolga, Bishop Druitt College is seeking an alternative site between Mullaway and Sandy Beach to support the expanding educational needs of local families. 

Following two years of planning and development applications, combined with significant community interest in a new campus for the Northern Beaches catchment, the initially proposed site on Solitary Islands Way (opposite Woolworths) has been repealed due to traffic concerns.

“We are disappointed that our initial plans have been rejected, however, Bishop Druitt College has committed to the families of the Northern Beaches that we will provide an additional educational choice for this region,” says Nick Johnstone, principal at Bishop Druitt College. 

“We are now seeking an alternative site between Mullaway and Sandy Beach with a developer who can share our vision for a greater educational choice for this area.” 

“The hard-working families of the northern beaches deserve this opportunity for their children.” 

The proposed development of a Bishop Druitt College campus in the northern beaches area will mean for the first time families will have an independent schooling option for this growing region.  

“The Bishop Druitt College Northern Beaches campus will be the only independent school option for families between Coffs Harbour and Grafton. We just need a suitable location to build a long-standing educational facility for the area.”

“With recent sea-change migrations to the area as a result of COVID and improved working-from-home opportunities, we’ve seen a population explosion in the Coffs Coast region, and we believe that this trend will continue in the coming years. 

“Moonee Beach, Emerald Beach, Woolgoolga, Coramba and Nana Glen are predicted to be the largest growth areas in the catchment for preschool aged and early primary children.

“Government schools are struggling to keep up with the increase in student numbers, families need more choices for their children. As a formidable educational facility in the greater region, Bishop Druitt College is simply trying to provide families of the northern beaches with greater educational opportunities and an independent educational choice.

As part of the development plan, Bishop Druitt College is seeking a new site and is encouraging land owners and developers to contact the college to discuss this landmark opportunity for the development of an Anglican school between Sandy Beach and Mullaway. 

While the initial plans for the Bishop Druitt College Northern Beaches campus is to establish a community for K-4 students,  the long-term plan would be for a full K-12 campus based on student demand.

“We know it will take time to grow the school so we’re initially looking to establish a school for around 120 students up to year 4”.

“And with the added advantage of access to our Coffs Harbour campus facilities, we know that we can create an exceptional educational experience and environment for our students,” said Mr Johnstone. 

“We’re seeking developers and property owners with at least a five hectare site, and looking for either a long-term lease or sale opportunities. Ideally, the property should be close to connection roads for accessibility. 

“In the current environment, we encourage anyone with a suitable property to come forward and open discussions with us about this exciting new campus opportunity,” said Mr Johnstone. 

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