BDC Alumni, Emma Serisier, 2019

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

During her HSC year in 2019, Emma entered the Young Scientist Award; in November she gained entry to the Macquarie Leaders and Achievers Scheme to Macquarie University for 2020. In the same year she was named Young Citizen of the Year for her extraordinary efforts in science and academia as well as being presented with the Coffs Harbour Zonta Young Women in Public Affairs award.

Emma invented STEMpower as a way for farmers to manage their soil and water quality and help counteract their environmental footprint. 

Eggshell waste is used as a bio-absorbent and can be used to decrease the phosphate run-off into natural waterways from agricultural fertilisers and animal manure. 

Emma developed a mathematical model and website for farmers to calculate cost savings and application rates of eggshells on their soils, and won the Australian Stockholm Junior Water Prize with her invention.

"Growing up on a remote rural property instilled responsibility, problem-solving techniques and time management into my psyche," she said.

Next on the agenda for Emma is kickstarting a mentoring program.

"I'm on the search for people who can participate and be involved in that, and start to bring that to life, making connections between mentors and mentees and helping them reach where they want to be," she said.

As for the science part of her project?

"I'm working on putting an app together and making that more accessible to farmers and people who want to use it," Emma said.