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What is Bishop Druitt College’s BDC House?

BDC House is BDC’s boarding residence. We provide flexible seven-days-a-week boarding or casual boarding. BDC House is open to Bishop Druitt College students from Year 7 through to Year 12.

Is BDC House open to Australian students?

Yes. It is expected that half of our boarders will be Australian students from the Mid North Coast region and areas west of Tamworth, Armidale and Glen Innes.

Is BDC House co-ed? How does this work?

Yes. Girls and boys reside on separate levels of BDC House.

Our boarding house is co-educational; we believe that co-ed boarding encourages young people to develop healthy relationships and good social skills – skills that will serve them well into the future. Our boarders are like a large family of brothers and sisters who grow together and share with each other, forming life-long friendships.

How many boys or girls per room?

Students are accommodated in single rooms.

What facilities are available at BDC House?

Each floor has a communal lounge or gathering area. The house has access to the college wireless internet network as well as the college facilities.

How can I arrange a tour?

Please contact the Enrolments Officer at Bishop Druitt College via and they will organise a tour with a Head of School, the Principal, the House Parent or the International Program Coordinator.

What is the food like for boarders?

Breakfast is a self-service assortment of toasts, spreads and cereals. Lunches are organised through Flexischools online on weekdays. Dinners are delivered to the house from Monday through to Friday and prepared by our college chef. The meals are nutritious and the menu is created by a qualified dietician. Individual dietary requirements will be catered for. The menu changes every week, so no two weeks are the same. Dinners are prepared at the house for Saturday and Sunday nights by the House Parent with help from the boarders on a roster basis.

Who does the laundry for the boarders?

School and casual clothes for the boarders are washed and ironed by professional launderers and delivered back to the boarders. Laundry costs are included in our boarding fees. There is also a laundry onsite. 

Who tidies the boarders’ rooms?

The boarders are required to keep their rooms tidy with personal items labelled.  A weekly clean is conducted by the college cleaning and maintenance staff; however, boarders will be required to complete chores on a roster arrangement. These chores include kitchen duty, tidying common areas, feeding chickens and collecting fruit from the orchard.

What is the structure for study?

There is a designated study time or quiet reading time for all students. This time is from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm from Monday to Thursday. Students will also have access to the library services immediately after school.

Can the boarders use the college facilities?

With boarding located adjacent to the college campus, boarders are able to access school facilities such as the college library, basketball courts, gym and oval spaces. The school is our backyard. BDC is just 10 minutes to Coffs Jetty Beach and 5 minutes to the city centre.

Are boarders allowed out on the weekends?

Yes. Boarders may sign in and out on weekends with the permission of their parents/carers and the House Parent.

Can I visit my son/daughter and take them out at night or for the weekend?

Yes. Parents are always welcome to visit. Please contact the House Parent 24 hours prior to the visit so that the communication board can be updated and changes to catering plans can be arranged.

What if my child becomes sick and needs medical attention?

The House Parent will contact parents to let them know what is occurring and keep them informed should medical treatment be required. All boarders require medical insurance including ambulance cover for the duration of their time at International House. The House Parent will determine if the boarder attends the college sickbay, stays at the house (if Year 11 or 12) or if other medical treatment is required.

What are the costs?

$19,000 per annum for term time boarding. 

This is inclusive of all breakfasts and dinners as well as lunches on weekends. 

This fee includes a weekly term time laundry service.

There are extra costs for extra care during school holidays. 

Sibling discounts are available with a 10% discount for the 1st sibling and 20% discount for any second and subsequent siblings.

What happens on school holidays?

The boarders return home on the last afternoon of the school term. Students may be collected from International House by parents or the House Parent can, by arrangement, deliver the student to the Coffs Harbour airport or train station. Extra days in International House during the school holidays may be organised by arrangement with one month’s notice. This notice will need to be communicated directly through the House Parent via email -

I’m an international student, how can I apply?

International enrolments are conducted with the assistance of the International Program Coordinator via

For international student enrolment information please see

I’m an Australian student, how can I apply?

All day and boarding enrolments for Australian students are organised with the enrolments officer -

Please read the steps to enrolment -

What’s a typical day look like?

Wake Up Time

The day begins at 6.45 am when boarders are woken by the House Parent. Each boarder showers and dresses in uniform then makes their bed and tidies their room ready for room inspections. Room inspections are twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday. Once everything is in order, the whole house attends breakfast in the dining room between 7.15 am and 7.35 am. Boarders who have before-school extracurricular activities can attend breakfast earlier if required.

School Hours

Boarders sign out of the house with the House Parent at 8.15 am and walk to the college via the path. Boarders eat their lunch at the college with their peers. Lunches will be ordered through Flexischools.

After School

At the conclusion of the school day, boarders return to the house where they are greeted by the House Parent. Afternoon tea is provided for them in the kitchen located on the upper level. This is provided by the college chef. At this time boarders can change out of their uniform and enjoy some free time, including local leave to the shops or relaxing in the lounge areas and recreational room or heading over to the college to use the sporting facilities or the library. Some boarders have sports training or music practices to attend during this time. All boarders must be showered and ready for dinner at 6.30 pm.


Dinner commences at 6.30 pm sharp in the dining room. It’s about boarders coming together as one big family. An ever-changing menu, mostly supplied by the college chef, provides a wide variety of delicious, nutritious food to choose from. Students who have special dietary needs are well catered for.

Homework or Study

Boarders are required to do quiet homework or study time. During these sessions the house is kept quiet to allow boarders the necessary time and peace to do their work. During this time boarders are required to sit at the desks in their rooms and are able to use their laptops for their homework, study or research. Headphones and group work are also permitted.


Year 7 and 8 boarders need to be in bed by 9.00 pm. They are often given reading time before lights out. Bed time for Year 9 and 10 boarders is 9.40 pm. The House Parent may allow boarders to stay up later for study if required. Senior boarders (Year 11 and 12) can continue with late prep until 11.00 pm with special permission. Otherwise, lights out is at 10.30 pm.


Weekends at International House are a bit more casual and relaxed. Saturday mornings are similar to that of weekdays due to sporting activities, but after lunch boarders are able to have some free time. On Sunday the boarders are allowed to sleep in and eat brunch at about 11.00 am. The older boarders in Years 10 to 12 are allowed to go on outings unsupervised. Younger boarders are usually taken out by the House Parent for outings and excursions. The outings might include the beach, shops, movies or ice skating.