BDC Kidpreneur Market Stall

Wed 8 Jun 12:50pm - 1:30pm

Kidpreneur is an exciting experience students at Bishop Druitt College can choose as part of the Kaizen program. The skills and experiences that Kidpreneur teaches provide students with a critical mindset and a life-experience essential in the 21st century.

In Kidpreneur:

  • Students follow and use design thinking processes
  • Students will identify and solve problems
  • Students critically think throughout the process.

Each student follows their passions, be that around food, gardening, craft, or caring for animals, and designed a unique product. The students then developed their products, either individually or in teams, to sell to our community.

As well as the exciting elements of being an entrepreneur, the Kidpreneurs develop their understanding of production, costs of production and development, profits and even delve into the world of philanthropy. Students also discover the effectiveness of clever marketing, making their product appealing to their targeted customer.

With so many different items for sale on Market Day, there is sure to be something everyone will want to invest in.